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Formula 2 the ultimate training ground for F1®, is also included, with short, medium, or full season options and 2020 and 2021 season content. Esports – in-game area for the online qualification events, latest news[…]

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Overhauled player likenesses, eye movement animations, and shaders for hair and skin make players look and act more realistic everywhere on the ice. Eye movement and facial expressions visibly react to the changing environment and[…]

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Upon arrival in Bright Falls, Alan goes to retrieve the keys and map to their rented cabin from Carl Stucky, the cabin’s landlord, but encounters a mysterious old woman, who tells him that Stucky had[…]

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New World is a team-based player-vs-player survival game with elements of exploration, resource exploitation, and expansion. I become part of a guild that creates our own culture, which can range from murderous warmongering to utopian[…]

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One of the students illegally frequenting a Girls Bar in Ijincho claims to know the identity of the Professor. Visit to gather intel by befriending the girls over conversation and darts. A warehouse-converted skateboard park.[…]

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